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Im playing with Coony here, right?. What are this Coony?
Yes, you're playing with Coony here. And if you do so, you proberly already know what they are :-) Coony are some sort of bonus points / credits of Casoony or you may even call them some sort of internet currency. You can transfer them and use them for different things. You even can exchange them into other currencies ( e.g. Euro ). Check out the Casoony-Trader. The Casoony site and service is completly free of charge, but you'll need an account there to play here.
What do i have to do to win a Global Jackpot?
The Global Jackpots can be won anytime by chance. You'll have a better chance with the max bets, but you still can win them with small amounts of bets. The current value of the Mystery won't be shown at anytime. It's a suprise how much you win. If suddendly your account balance got an increase you won most likely one of those global pots - there won't be shown up any animation nor info.
If you got another question or a problem. Don't hesitate to ask us!